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HALOS® Tactile Icon Stickers - Washer

HALOS® Tactile Icon Stickers - Washer

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HALOS stands for Home Appliance Labeling and Overlay System. This packet includes common buttons on washing machines. Many icons also apply to common dryer features.

The package contains two sets of nine tactile icons for a total of 18 stickers.

Includes: Start, Stop/Cancel, Heavy, Normal, Light, Temperature, Rinse, Spin, Soil Level. ​

Choose from high contrast orange or black.

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The washer package includes:

2 - Start
2 - Stop/Cancel
2 - Heavy Load
2 - Normal/Medium Load
2 - Light Load
2 - Temperature
2 - Rinse
2 - Spin
2 - Soil Level

To install - clean the appliance panel, remove the stickers from the card, and place the stickers on or near the buttons to be labeled.

Made from EVA foam.

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Orange, Black

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