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GeriHeel® Heel Flotation Device & Slip Cover - Heel Ulcer Prevention

GeriHeel® Heel Flotation Device & Slip Cover - Heel Ulcer Prevention

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Release Pressure on your Heels

Heel ulcers can easily develop in thin-skinned heels when they are in prolonged contact with a bed or mattress. The GeriHeel® Flotation Device is designed to be placed under the legs to alleviate heels from pressure and prevent skin ulcers.   The GeriHeel® has a soft, premium alternating pocket foam surface layer that allows air to circulate and helps redistribute pressure without compromising blood flow to the feet and toes. The high density base layer helps prevent “bottoming” out.  The product fits across the full width of a standard hospital bed and can be used when the patient is in supine or side-lying positions. It includes a removable and machine washable slip cover; a fully-encased zippered slip cover is also available.

Sizes and Dimensions (in inches):

Small:  34 x 10 x 4, users up to approx 150 lbs
Medium: 34 x 10 x 5, users approx 150-250 lbs
Large: 34 x 10 x 6, users approx 250-350 lbs

Latex Free, Pillow made in USA

The GeriHeel® device meets or exceeds requirements of California Bureau of Home Furnishings’ Technical Bulletin #117.

GeriHeel® is a trademark of Prevent Products, Inc.

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